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Anyone else wish get_debug_type() was named something else? We have seen all debug_* functions used in non-debugging scenarios, and I expect the same for this (e.g. codegen). It should be get_runtime_type() or something.

Homeschool Diaries Day 2

7: Daddy, what does doody mean?
Me: uh... poop
7: no it doesn’t!
Me: yes it does!
7: no it doesn’t make sense
Me: use it in a sentence
7: A good citizen votes because it is their DUTY
Me: ooooooooh

Oh, and yes, I have settled into a 3-4am bedtime, 8:30am wake schedule. Not ideal, but I'm definitely consistent per the timer cap on my nightly meds (to within ~10m) 😳

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Note: shoes had just migrated to the bottom of the pile, rather than being on top :P

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Y'all, I have been working from home for 10 years and I still missed lunch today (finally ate at ~3pm), and I forgot to say goodbye to everyone for the day. I couldn't find my shoes earlier because it's been 2 weeks since I last wore them. This is hard. Don't beat yourself up.

This debate is literally unwatchable… not because it's two old white dudes arguing, but because the chyron doesn't line up, why do you do this to us ?!

I can't decide if CNN isn't split screening shots of Biden and Sanders to show off the 6ft of social isolation or not…

Thanks for sending your daily travel notices in a time zone (EST) that is neither my home (PST) or travel time zone (GMT). Super useful.

Alright twitter, how's this work? Is it just a placebo? Is it because of the two prong plug maybe providing power on one prong? I expect a detailed answer alongside a ELI5 answer by the time I land.

Folks, I know of an educator/writer looking for a new role. They are a fabulous writer, but also great at UX/Tech Writing/editing/instructional design. I really couldn't recommend them more and am sad I can't hire them.

Remote or within ~30 minutes of Sacramento. DMs are open!

For anyone wondering...Β you can totally use a Playstation controller with Project xCloud on iOS. Super cool! :D

The comm badges in Star Trek (i.e. not TOS) are the ultimate Mcgufin; who can hear them and when they work is purely for driving the plot. Send tweet.

Y'all, I went to an Elton John laser show tonight, it was a blast! This was far from the coolest effect, but I didn't want to distract anyone even if video was allowed (without flash, screen at its lowest brightness).

Alright folks, it's time for a new wallet. I'm looking for the following:

- Slim
- Holds paper money
- ID slot (where you can see it without taking it out)
- Holds about a dozen cards
- RFID blocking is a nice bonus


And that’s it. Britain is a nation alone, an island in actuality is now also an island in spirit.

My heart grieves for what will be seen as a victory by bigots and small minded people, and that will cause actual harm to those most vulnerable.

I am sad. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ’”πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί

The latest Supreme Court decision is a travesty. Allowing those who need help should be our highest priority, not seen as undesirables because of the rights bigotry. Stealing a SCOTUS seat is the best trick the devil ever pulled β€”Β never forget this.

Me: while I appreciate the use of a coaster...

7: thank you

Me: ...perhaps the stairs isn’t the best place to put a drink?

7: oh. yeah. *pouts* probably not.

Can someone explain why surgeries are always done so fucking early? πŸ₯±

Lazy Web: recommendations for SFF audiobooks? Particularly looking for audiobooks that are well performed, preferably URM authors/voice talent.

I am a fan of Scalzi, Leckie, Sanderson, Moon. Particularly enjoy alternate history type stuff.

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