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Is anyone interested in my EV buying decision spreadsheet? I tried to quantify all the things that mattered to me to give me a pros/cons score on which to buy. Collaboration is welcome too! :)

Also, we are playing Smash (they've beaten me several times, dammit!), Mario Kart, and soon to play Splatoon. They're playing Mario Oddysey also.

Y'all my kid is starting to enjoy playing my Nintendo Switch but is frustrated by the joycons in landscape mode, their hands are too little even for a DS4 controller, so I don't think the Pro controller is a solve: anyone have suggestions for a controller for little hands?

They said I could have 1 slide in the all-hands...Β they underestimated my animation skills.

I walk out to this foggy scene and immediately get hit in the face by a fucking spider web. Fuck this morning. πŸ”₯πŸ•·

macOS Catalina comes with Mac Catalyst: because was too lazy to build Twitter for Mac.

macOS Catalina comes with Sidecar: because fuck you, we’re not going to put a touchscreen on a computer.

Google CAPTCHA is awful... and their business model _relies_ on you failing the Click test. Your value to Google is validating their computer vision dataset. πŸ˜’

FTR, I switched back to a physical sim, eSIM with Verizon/iPhone 11 Pro/iOS 13 was super broken. Half my apps couldn't see service (e.g. Waze was fine, Siri was fine but Apple Music and Skype couldn't connect, and my bank app couldn't dial support. :|

Choosing an electric vehicle is all about weighing trade-offs… so I made a spreadsheet for my 5 top runners with a score that takes into account things like warranty, cost, charging options, features… and my two favorites got the same damn score down to 2 decimal places. 🀬

Well, todays Surface hardware reveal really puts Apple to shame. I still maintain my Surface Book 2 is the best laptop hardware I’ve ever used. SB2 w/macOS would be my dream device.

It's Finals-Eve! I'm excited for tomorrow, this match felt inevitable and I hope the are up to the task… but they also couldn't ask to lose to a better team than the

Every time I hear kubectl said as β€œkube cuttle” I hear β€œkube cuddle” instead...Β and I’m OK with that.

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