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Can we just agree that Watermelon is the worst "flavor" for anything?

This tweet sponsored by dad tricks to steal candy from my kid & Karma.

Hey Twitter folks, what are your favorite resources for technical folks transitioning into product (product management)? Looking for books, articles, blog posts, etc.

Confession: I don't like Boba because I'm terrified I'm going to choke to death on a ball. Sucking non-liquids through straws seems like a terrible idea in general.

Look, I know lots of y'all are hating on the Cats trailer, but can we please keep things in perspective and just take a moment to be thankful it's not a live-action remake of The Aristocats?

I really hate the new Drafts section addition in; at least *duplicate* the channel/DM into it, so it's where I expect it when I don't know/remember I have a draft. I'd prefer an indicator in place however. Can I turn this off?!

So I was listening to my personal radio station on Apple Music and there was a great song that I didn't know so I hearted it JUST as it finished playing...Β and now I can't find it anywhere. The History doesn't show it,Β what the heck?! I am so mad rn!

(FTR: every time I publicly tweet it finally prompts a response from in DM. Of course, they still can't fix their shit, so whatever.)

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Ugh, I give up, I guess doesn't want my money. What useless support. :/

I reset my iPhone home screen without thinking what it REALLY meant and now I can't find my most used apps.

Luckily I have eleventy-billion accidental screenshots of it, so I can reconstruct it.

- Diversity is a must. I want to work with URMs, BIPoC, LGBTQ+, folks with disabilities, and all ages, and companies who put in the work to make that happen. I want to see these folks in leadership, as well as being my peers. Transparency around pay would be amazing.


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- I believe that leadership is different from management. I'm looking for great leadership, or you'll empower me to help create it. You pick :)
- Customer success is the only benchmark that matters. Customers can be users, or anyone who depends on your work (incl. internal).


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Some clarifications:

- I'm also looking for alternative roles inside Akamai :)
- Open source is a requirement. I want to work with, contribute to, and open up projects, by default, not the other way around.
- I want to be an enabler. I want to remove friction from others.


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After 8 years it's time to leave the travel life behind. I'm looking for a lower-travel role in DevRel leadership, Senior DevRel or Engineering (PHP/Golang/etc.)

I'm a polyglot/educator that loves to work on Dev Tools & educating folks on cool tech. Remote/~Seattle. DMs open :)

Realistic Alternatives to Inbox Zero:

Inbox Nero - burn it all down to the ground

Inbox Hero - highest score wins

Guess which one I'm playing.

Browser folks/HTTP client folks I have a quandary: if a request is made to example.ORG, with a Host:example.COM header, should cookies for example.ORG or example.COM be sent? Or neither/both? /cc

The one thing I vehemently hate in the go code style...Β is the indentation (or lack thereof) for labels. That'll teach me for using goto I suppose! :(

Me: how do I define a variable in Golang again?

*12hrs later*

Also Me: yeah, I definitely feel like I'm proficient in Golang, seamlessly switching from another language like a pro.

Current status: trying out zsh as it will be the new default shell in macOS Catalina. My bash prompt has grown too slow and I have no idea how to fix it. :|

Oh, and, proof that Permanent Residents can donate… you may not be my representative but you definitely represent the America I want to be part of πŸ’–

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