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After almost a month and a half away from my family, I'm finally heading home. I treated myself. LHR✈️SEA

#overwatchleague #spoilers PHIvsFLA 

What? No you've spent the last two days customizing your TouchBar. NO YOU! 😳

Oooooh shit, returns tonight. It’s going to be a late night!

Today is the big clearout at mums.

Finally took the picture of my favorite place in the house. The downstairs loo has this little library w/Buddha above it that I love. Look at the books: Where cats meditate, Haikus for Jews, The little book of inner peace πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‚

I am not having a good day. Just wasted about $500 and fucked up getting my passport replaced. FML.

HTTP/3 explained,

A great book by @bagder about HTTP/3.

Of course, it is open source,

A must read :-). I highly recommend it. It's well-written and quick to apprehend.

Formats: Web, PDF, Mobi, and ePub. No paper.

#http3 #book

I've been using my Surface Book as my primary gaming device for less than a month (since Jan 16th). I started with a fully patched Win 10 with the latest Nvidia drivers; and have had so many BSoDs (sometimes orange, or teal), and have had the app reset several times (lose my login, forget my games, etc.), and had to repair Overwatch three times now. Kinda ridiculous. Can't wait to get back to my Xbox.

Well that was a super shitty anxiety inducing dream I just woke up from. Ugh. 😞

introducing: ⚑bronouns⚑
pronouns, now for men!

Current harmonica lesson is about belly breathing… do people not do that? I learned when I was 11 in Drama class. It helps with projection, singing, and apparently harmonica. I suspect all wind instruments benefit from it? Fellow band/theatre folks, what say you?

For future reference if you use an alternative configuration file in PHPStorm for your PHPUnit Run/Debug config it doesn't get applied to ad-hoc method tests unless you set the "Default configuation file" property under "Test Runner" in the "Test Frameworks" config pane.

If this helps just one other from wasting a morning figuring out why their tests run as a batch but not when filtered as a singular it will have been worth documenting. #php

BTW, if you're a bigger guy in the US who wants to upgrade your wardrobe, I cannot recommend The Winston Box enough:

FTR, iPhone XS Dual Sim is working flawlessly, and the UI is implemented well. It shows which sim on the incoming call screen, in the call history, and even on the Apple Watch, and it also allows you to choose which sim before dialing/SMS.

I put my US (Verizon) sim on the eSIM, and added a physical UK (Three Pay-as-you-Go) sim. Both work great, with zero issues. Less issues with the eSIM connectivity than I had with US physical sim back in November even.

Battery life may be impacted though.

Why do Brits turn off their power outlets?? I don't remember this being the norm when I left and it does my head in. Was there a massive "phantom" power ad campaign or something?! I promise you the single blue LED on my charging brick isn't going to impact your power bill ΰ² _ΰ² 


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