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Why didn't Mastodon go with for it's user identifiers? Then they would also be valid [web] URLs…

Is this a thing that could happen? You couldn't disambiguate between a user reference and their URL but uh, I think that's a good thing. Native clients show the users profile page… browsers show the users profile page…

@aral @lynnesbian push isn't forced; the protocol sends a push frame to say it wants to push and the client is ultimately in control of accepting or rejecting it. The binary format saves processing time (e.g. faster) on both ends, in both directions, and takes less bandwidth to transport and power, making it better for the environment.

Cool, I got blocked by Aral Balkan for telling them that HTTP/2 server push wasn't forced. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

The camera on this phone is ridiculously good (iPhone XS). Here's my cat, Saba (Sab like in Saboteur), ~15yrs old.

I'm curious what folks are doing outside of tech this year? I'm playing around with learning the harmonica. My wife hates it, but I'm going to try and keep at it till she doens't :P

Just relaunched my website, I was tired of the front page just being a reminder of my failures from 2 years ago, and highlighting my inability to write blog posts. Feedback welcome:

@dansup I'm a little confused about Pixelfed and Mastodon. As I understand it they both use the ActivityPub standard and Pixelfed implements the same APIs as Mastodon, so in *theory* should it not be supported by Mastodon clients, meaning that I can add my account as if it were a Mastodon instance? Or am I completely wrong here? Or is that a future thing you haven't completed yet?

Loved Aquaman, might be my favorite of 2018 TBH. Trying to remember what else I saw though >.<

Went to the movies three times in three days thanks to the AMC A-List, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Mary Poppins Returns, and Bumblebee. They were all great, frankly. Thoroughly enjoyable 😁

My wife bought me a dad jokes book for Christmas.

Q: What is the biggest difference between chemistry and cooking?

A: In chemistry, you should never lick the spoon.

Are you making a PHP/WordPress ActivityPub implementation? If so, would you be interested in collaborating on It's meant to be a library that takes care of the tricky bits of the ActivityPub protocol so that developers can make new federated applications quickly.

6 called me his best friend today… we started the day by going to see Ralph Breaks the Internet, and we ended the day by playing with his RC car, had a tickle fight, played rock, paper, scissors, and then it was bedtime. πŸ₯°

Just picked up a new white Xbox Elite controller as a gift to myself to replace my old black one that had a busted headphone jack :(

The remake of Miracle on 34th Street is the greatest Christmas movie ever made except for The Muppets Christmas Carol, don't @ me.

I really didn't want to love these AirPods but damn if they're not delightful; auto-pause when you take one out? So intuitive, the absolute perfect way to work. I wonder if it hangs up the phone too? Or maybe mute/hold?

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