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Last flight of 2018. SFO✈️SEA. I'm beyond good with that. I barely made Delta Platinum this year. I wish I had Diamond Status but not flying at all is the best upgrade you can get IMO.

Uh… what on earth is going on here? How do I fix it. Actual capacity is 1TB… partition map is ~1.75GB.

death, burial, hometown feels 

Death, sex, not that way 

Hey, I’m staying/stayed at your properties in Leicester/London for a combined 16 nights, and you a) can’t find the past reservations (despite one being attached to my account) and b) won’t credit any Hilton Honors stays/points? What is this ridiculousness?

I've bought Skyrim twice now, once on PC, once on Switch… I just can't get into it. I fucking hate the carry limit, the slow pace, the story, the billion different things to track, inventory management, just… everything. Guess I'm just not a sophisticated gamer. Meh.

Ever lie in bed and forget where in the world you are for a minute? I'm somewhere I'd rather not be and it came rushing back to me in a moment of clarity and ruined my night. 😐

Just started reading Broad Band: The Untold Story of The Women Who Built the Internet, and I thoroughly enjoyed the intro! I think this is going to be good!

β€ͺI have been so immediately captivated by Binti by Nnedi Okorafor, I'm ~40/100 pages in and it's so good!‬ /cc @ellotheth

To be clear, the NC Is better than the Bose and the audio is better than my Sennheisser.

To be clear, the Nic Is better than the Bose and the audio is better than my Sennheisser.

The "palm the ear" to allow in outside audio is a great gesture. So damn comfy too! And the build quality is ridiculous.

The ONLY things I dislike: the touch controls aren't easy to use, and they can only connect to one device β€” two is a must for me. Still might steal them…

OK, I grabbed a pair of Sony WX1000-M3 headphones for my wife yesterday as I've been promising her some NC headphones for a while. I had planned on the Bose QC35ii but she wanted these β€” let me tell you these are fabulous. Better NC and audio than my Sennheisser PXC550s for sure.

You know… all you metric folks who lord it over us US Standard using folk like we're some back country rubes, at least WE don't just up and decide we can change MEASUREMENTS with a VOTE:


mention of grief 

OK, Apple where is my Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar? Wired or Wireless, I don't care.

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