I really have no clue how to Adult in the UK. The next month or two is going to be very… frustrating. :(

@mcg @JPEG @ramsey last week; so unless there has been an update in that time I'm sure. I'll keep checking though :)

@ramsey @Gargron same way as now, @ would activate the user picker, show prefixes (hostnames), still @example on the current instance. It's the same number of chars for the full name...

@ramsey @Gargron

1) web is already here, the URLs are already valid and easily parsed/understood by tools and languages

2) Mastodon over SMTP is like SOAP over SMTP: why?!

3) is @user@example.org a valid email?

@d without it, I will go white and dizzy and have to lay down till it passes. Doesn't numb anything, if pain is an issue, but my dentist is great about numbing and for blood work usually it's tolerable with the IDGAF factor :)

@d it's a sleep aid, at higher doses I guess, at the dose I take (0.25mg) it just mellows me out to where IDGAF about the needles; I feel fully in control (though I wouldn't drive!) otherwise.

@d Halcion (Triazolam) is my magic pill for this. I don't even mind dental work! Both my dentist and my PCP prescribe it for me, :)

@pandp to be clear the correct current one is @username@longdomain.example; not username@longdomain.example which is indistinguishable from email and therefore conflicts unlike my suggestion.

@pandp similar to email is not better than identical to URL IMO. And I'm not sure #2 is true, it's exactly the same number of characters in long form and can be shortened in exactly the same way to just @username

Why didn't Mastodon go with instance.host/@username for it's user identifiers? Then they would also be valid [web] URLs…

Is this a thing that could happen? You couldn't disambiguate between a user reference and their URL but uh, I think that's a good thing. Native clients show the users profile page… browsers show the users profile page…

@ramsey one of the many bugs that stopped me using it. Including a timeline stuck in the past at the same point whenever I restart the app. Most recently, many crashes. Went back to the less great but more dependable Tootdon. Toot! was also OK.

@ContainsLiquid @djmoch looks like 20 per bass station, add multiple base stations… at least that's how I read it.

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