I'm just going to say it: the iPad (any) is the *worst* way to watch a movie. You either watch it in 16:9 letterbox and the picture is not much bigger than my iPhone, or you lose 2/3 of the picture by zooming in. Ugh.

The new Apple Watch Solo Loop is the most comfortable watch band I’ve ever worn; I have super sensitive skin so this is important to me. I have some concerns that if this stretches out much it’ll be too loose, so I’ll likely end up buying a new one a size down eventually.

Another thing: if you're not ready to fight over RBG, remember, the Supreme Court is all that stands between Trump and ending term limits. That's on top of abortion rights, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, equality, voting rights, everything.

As a reminder, it's not enough for them to delay the confirmation until after the election, it must be delayed until after the inauguration!

For those new to iOS 14, the Siri Suggestions > App Suggestions widget as the bottom 8 icons on my main Home Screen has been a delight. I'm down to two screens, with 20 spaces taken by widgets, and very rarely need the App Library. Been this way since early beta.

Also, if you are unable to afford this right now due to Corona and *gestures wildly* the world, DM me and I'll donate for an extra 25 trees and 0.5t of CO2 offset on your behalf this month ❀️ (up to 1000 trees)

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Y'all if you're not offsetting your carbon using @Ecologi_hq@twitter.com you are really doing yourself, your community, and humanity a disservice. You may also be assisting evil alien carbon based life forms that wants to invade us.

It's like ~$5/month per adult: ecologi.com/?r=5d6b348c8b6b940

TIL that in `try…catch…finally` block, a return in the `finally` block supersedes a return in the `catch` block (though both are evaluated!).

This example is pulled straight from the manual: 3v4l.org/bVglD

Who knew?!

Shortcuts app for iOS is really a game changer. I'm automating so many things now.

I just created an automation that runs when I lay my phone down on the charging pad that will automatically turn on my @sleepcycle@twitter.com alarm based on my first meeting, or just analysis for weekend. 😍

Shit, @snipeyhead@twitter.com is stalking my tweets tonight… uhhhh what do I do?! Quick I need to think of something funny to say!


Hey Snipe! πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ’–

Me: I want some Riesen, I wonder if Amazon has them…

Also me: I guess I have to order 17 bags now…

Me: I have too many books to read in my backlog

Also me: Ooooh, free book! *Send to my Kindle*

Progressives: ACAB

Biden: I've picked the cop as my running mate.

Well done picking the worst possible choice to unite and better the party. There were multiple better choices, not the least of which is Warren. 🀬

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