As always, remember, love is love, and for those struggling, to find their place, to understand their way of being, to find acceptance, to become who they were meant to be: I love you especially, because you are worthy of love, from whomever you want in whatever way you want.πŸ’–πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

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So. Off to Photoshop I went, and I created this, instead. And now I want to share it with you. You can find the originals here:

- GIF:
- PSD:

Do with them as you wish, so long as it's for love.

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There was a message in the Lyft Slack about Pride-related activites, somebody reacted with πŸ™Œ, so, I reacted with a custom emoji I created when I started β€”Β :raise-pride: β€” and immediately noticed in contrast that I had used an image of my πŸ™ŒπŸΌ, rather than the β€œdefault" yellow. 😳

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I was going to start Pride off with a story about how I realized my own inherent bias recently and corrected it, it seems even more poignant now:

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We must remember that struggle, and we must continue to fight for those struggling. BUT we can't forget about the struggle of others, it is not an either-or. We must su’port each other, listen to each other, fight for each other, and remember an individual might have many fights.

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Pride is a celebration of everything LGBTQIA+, when we encourage and uplift those around us who believe love is love. It is also a remembrance of those who have gone before, from Stonewall, those fighting the AIDS epidemic, all the way through to Larry Kramer just last week.

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I've been struggling with how to tweet about this for most of the day, but I just have to say what I'm going to say and hope.

Today is the start of . And the country β€”Β in particular black and brown folks β€”Β are hurting so badly right now.

TIL you can buy a commercial soft serve ice cream maker for less than $1500, do with that what you will.

OK, FFI in PHP 7.4 is super cool. I'm working on a [redacted] using Go compiled with buildmode=c-shared. I think I can do something really cool with this.

Dammit knocks it out of the park again with The Last Emperox; what a great ending to the series!

So uh…, when's the next book coming out? I don't care what it is, I'm already willing to buy it.

Thanks for political message in your acknowledgements πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

My projector added 3D video support which was quite exciting till I realized I have no 3D content.

I own one 3D Blu-ray, and I'm only half sure my PS4 can play it to anything but PSVR.

I also have XB1S/Apple TV, and I think I can load VLC on the projector.


How did I not pick up on Portal vibes from super hot before. Tempted to pick this up for PSVR (currently playing on XB1)

Me: oh goody, my gout flare up is starting to subside, I might be able to move around today

My gout:

Between the snow in May on the East coast and the fricken Murder Hornets on the West… Mother Nature is doing a better job enforcing stay at home than 45 😩

This is why you never ever ever use unprofessional language in tests. You might just send it out to your entire production user base. Oops πŸ™Š /cc

Meditated for the first time in a long time tonight. I gave myself 10 minutes to just stop, & do nothing. It was good.

If you are new to meditation, I recommend, they have a completely free 10 day basics routine that is a great intro. πŸ’š

My child (8) has learned the sad trombone but NOT the correct application of said trombone.

Me: let's play a game!
8: wah wah wah waaaaaaaaaah

Oh shit, maybe he DOES understand it?!

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