We said goodbye to my boy Saba today. He spent most of his life *upon* me. Slept on my head every night, waited at the door for me to come home. Purred if you so much as looked at him. Even purred when clipping his claws! He was the best cat for >15 years. He will be missed 💔

For those who think that liberal policies were to blame for Congressional Democrats lackluster performance this election, I present this simple graphic. TL;DR every Democrat who supported Medicare For All won their race, those who didn't support M4A, lost. Without exception.

Shit, @snipeyhead@twitter.com is stalking my tweets tonight… uhhhh what do I do?! Quick I need to think of something funny to say!

Hey Snipe! 👋🏼💖

Me: I want some Riesen, I wonder if Amazon has them…

Also me: I guess I have to order 17 bags now…

I can't even with this nonsense. Killer Raccoons! 2! Dark Christmas in the Dark: trailers.apple.com/trailers/in (I'm still not sure whether I just watched the best or worst trailer ever…)

So. Off to Photoshop I went, and I created this, instead. And now I want to share it with you. You can find the originals here:

- GIF: daveyshafik.com/~davey/pride/r
- PSD: daveyshafik.com/~davey/pride/r

Do with them as you wish, so long as it's for love.

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There was a message in the Lyft Slack about Pride-related activites, somebody reacted with 🙌, so, I reacted with a custom emoji I created when I started — :raise-pride: — and immediately noticed in contrast that I had used an image of my 🙌🏼, rather than the “default" yellow. 😳

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Me: oh goody, my gout flare up is starting to subside, I might be able to move around today

My gout:

This is why you never ever ever use unprofessional language in tests. You might just send it out to your entire production user base. Oops 🙊 /cc @Hiya@twitter.com @brent_@twitter.com

I have lived in this house for four years and not a day has gone by that this hasn't pissed me off. What would posses someone to put the decorative floor tile… thing off center from the door?! Can anyone give even a plausible sounding explanation for the sake of my sanity?

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