Realistic Alternatives to Inbox Zero:

Inbox Nero - burn it all down to the ground

Inbox Hero - highest score wins

Guess which one I'm playing.

Oh, and, proof that Permanent Residents can donate… you may not be my representative but you definitely represent the America I want to be part of πŸ’–

It took longer than I hoped...Β but I finally submitted my application to become a US Citizen. We are in this together <3

My App: *has a bug*
Me: *reproduces and fixes*
My App: *still has a bug*
Me: *adds logging*
My App:

After almost a month and a half away from my family, I'm finally heading home. I treated myself. LHR✈️SEA

Today is the big clearout at mums.

Finally took the picture of my favorite place in the house. The downstairs loo has this little library w/Buddha above it that I love. Look at the books: Where cats meditate, Haikus for Jews, The little book of inner peace πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‚


Bringing my Surface Book and Xbox controller with me to play Overwatch on my 1-2 month trip was definitely the best thing I decided to do. I put the Surface Book in Studio mode (photo) and it's an ideal, capable portable gaming machine. Getting 50-70fps!

We found my baby book. I've told lots of people that my mum said this, and they think I'm lying, but here's the proof:

I really want to like my Surface Book, but this is how most of my sessions using it starts. Also, having to use it for 2hrs continuously has been impossible (for months) to reset the TPM lockout for my pin. Why doesn't the full password override this?!

The camera on this phone is ridiculously good (iPhone XS). Here's my cat, Saba (Sab like in Saboteur), ~15yrs old.

6 called me his best friend today… we started the day by going to see Ralph Breaks the Internet, and we ended the day by playing with his RC car, had a tickle fight, played rock, paper, scissors, and then it was bedtime. πŸ₯°

Uh… what on earth is going on here? How do I fix it. Actual capacity is 1TB… partition map is ~1.75GB.

First time taking Amtrak out of Seattle (King Street Station specifically, third time ever on Amtrak), and I have some observations:

1) the station is waaaaay fancier than I expected. Sort of a Grand Central NYC wannabe

2) there are two bathrooms: women, and "family and men". The family bathroom is not inside the men's bathroom but it seems that way from outside.

3) like… way fancier than I expected. Florida stations are all outside, and basically a bump in the dirt alongside the tracks.

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