After the third time getting disconnected from live chat, this happened. Pretty good affordance TBH…


Is anyone interested in my EV buying decision spreadsheet? I tried to quantify all the things that mattered to me to give me a pros/cons score on which to buy. Collaboration is welcome too! :)

I walk out to this foggy scene and immediately get hit in the face by a fucking spider web. Fuck this morning. πŸ”₯πŸ•·

macOS Catalina comes with Mac Catalyst: because was too lazy to build Twitter for Mac.

Y'all. Y'ALL. Look at my cat, he's the best. He's ~14 years old, and loves me the most. So lucky to have this boy 😍

Realistic Alternatives to Inbox Zero:

Inbox Nero - burn it all down to the ground

Inbox Hero - highest score wins

Guess which one I'm playing.

Oh, and, proof that Permanent Residents can donate… you may not be my representative but you definitely represent the America I want to be part of πŸ’–

It took longer than I hoped...Β but I finally submitted my application to become a US Citizen. We are in this together <3

My App: *has a bug*
Me: *reproduces and fixes*
My App: *still has a bug*
Me: *adds logging*
My App:

After almost a month and a half away from my family, I'm finally heading home. I treated myself. LHR✈️SEA

Today is the big clearout at mums.

Finally took the picture of my favorite place in the house. The downstairs loo has this little library w/Buddha above it that I love. Look at the books: Where cats meditate, Haikus for Jews, The little book of inner peace πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‚


Bringing my Surface Book and Xbox controller with me to play Overwatch on my 1-2 month trip was definitely the best thing I decided to do. I put the Surface Book in Studio mode (photo) and it's an ideal, capable portable gaming machine. Getting 50-70fps!

We found my baby book. I've told lots of people that my mum said this, and they think I'm lying, but here's the proof:

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