The camera on this phone is ridiculously good (iPhone XS). Here's my cat, Saba (Sab like in Saboteur), ~15yrs old.

6 called me his best friend today… we started the day by going to see Ralph Breaks the Internet, and we ended the day by playing with his RC car, had a tickle fight, played rock, paper, scissors, and then it was bedtime. πŸ₯°

Uh… what on earth is going on here? How do I fix it. Actual capacity is 1TB… partition map is ~1.75GB.

First time taking Amtrak out of Seattle (King Street Station specifically, third time ever on Amtrak), and I have some observations:

1) the station is waaaaay fancier than I expected. Sort of a Grand Central NYC wannabe

2) there are two bathrooms: women, and "family and men". The family bathroom is not inside the men's bathroom but it seems that way from outside.

3) like… way fancier than I expected. Florida stations are all outside, and basically a bump in the dirt alongside the tracks.

MFW waiting for a large sum of money to reappear from the black hole that is the transfer window between banks…

Uncle Sam has deigned that I may stay in the US another ten years! πŸŽ‰

To celebrate, here's a photo I took yesterday in the most beautiful state in the Union IMO:

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