Alright twitter, how's this work? Is it just a placebo? Is it because of the two prong plug maybe providing power on one prong? I expect a detailed answer alongside a ELI5 answer by the time I land.

@dshafik I suspect it works by at least some percentage of passengers believing it works.

@saramg @dshafik In case nobody got around to answering. Seems to be that they have pickup mics near the ear which go down one prong to the logic circuitry in the armrest, that creates the inverting waveform which mixes with the audio up the other prong.

@dshafik Can't speak to those but I know that noise canceling actually work period. Something tells me it's about those obtuse connectors that they use which seem to serve no legitimate purpose except to help them from having people steal headphones I guess. I have an adapter for my personal headphones, which are noise cancelling.
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