If you leave a light on with a blown bulb… does it use electricity? My brain says no, but it's 5:21am and I'm not sure of anything right now…

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@dshafik if it's an incandescent bulb, I wouldn't think so. The circuit isn't completed so electricity can't pass through it and isn't being converted to heat and light.

Maybe other lights behave differently though.

@annika I have no idea what type of bulb and hasn't even thought that would matter. Shit. Now I'm even less sure 😂

@dshafik depends on how it's "blown", there may be some connection still

@dshafik Assuming incandescent; No.
Either the filament has literally burned itself away, in which case it's an open circuit, or there was a short before the filament which... would have burned itself away due to nil resistance.

There's an outside chance that some trickle is making it through a short length of insulator providing a reasonable impedance, but there's a similar chance that I'm of noble blood and the true successor to the crown.

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