I have never been so mad with a pair of headphones as I am right now.

I used to own the Bose QC25, and when it came time to replace them, I bought the QC35, after some issues — notably, terrible audio from PC and bad multi-device pairing — I returned them and pick up the Sennheiser PXC550. I've loved them for 2 years but it's time for new ones.

Enter the Sony 1000XM3 — I bought some for my wife. Love the sound quality, the comfort, the noise cancellation, the gesture to turn off NC 1/?

Also, USB-C is the future. BUT they didn't support multiple devices, and I love that feature in my Sennheisers.

I've been using the Sony's for about an hour trying to decide if I can forgive this, and I'd gotten myself to "well, I can always use the 3.5mm jack with my laptop, and Bluetooth with my phone".

Then the battery died. No big deal, grab a USB-C cable from my desk and plug it into my laptop. AND THAT'S WHERE IT WENT WRONG. 2/?

They turned off.

You CANNOT charge and listen at the same time. This is unforgivable. I am so disappointed. :(

So: recommendations on a new pair of durable, good sounding, good noise cancellation, portable, headphones.

I can't wear earbuds because hearing aids.

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