Why do Brits turn off their power outlets?? I don't remember this being the norm when I left and it does my head in. Was there a massive "phantom" power ad campaign or something?! I promise you the single blue LED on my charging brick isn't going to impact your power bill ΰ² _ΰ² 

@dshafik I've always just done it too. It's like closing a kitchen cup board after you're done.

@derickr so uh, what about charging your phone? I mean, do you turn your TV (or maybe desktop computer) off at the switch every time?

@derickr @dshafik Dude. *I* do it when I'm in the UK and I have fuck-all reason to have built up a habit around it.

@dshafik Interesting concept... I always wonder why one wants to shut off a power socket. I mean, pulling the plug isn't enough?? But I might be spoiled by the CEE-Standard... 😁

@heiglandreas the UK plug and socket are probably the safest in the world, if you don't count stepping on the damn thing…

@dshafik Norwegians do this too, they all use the power plug timer things.

@dshafik because you can’t trust that this killer 240volts will not get a wild idea and just jump out and touch someone. :)

@dshafik I once had a gig at the Exide power plant in NC putting together switch gear for data centers. Saw many arcs working in those cabinets. Not fun. And the guys who had survived 480 zaps.... well, they were special.

@dshafik first day on the job, my supervisor electrocuted himself while giving me a safety briefing. No joke

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