Why didn't Mastodon go with instance.host/@username for it's user identifiers? Then they would also be valid [web] URLsโ€ฆ

Is this a thing that could happen? You couldn't disambiguate between a user reference and their URL but uh, I think that's a good thing. Native clients show the users profile pageโ€ฆ browsers show the users profile pageโ€ฆ

@dshafik @Gargron Thatโ€™s an interesting idea, but I kind of like them as they are. Theyโ€™re more like email addresses. In fact, if someone wanted to implement SMTP on the Fediverse, one could easily use them to send and receive via email to the same address, and theyโ€™d be like direct messages.

@ramsey @Gargron

1) web is already here, the URLs are already valid and easily parsed/understood by tools and languages

2) Mastodon over SMTP is like SOAP over SMTP: why?!

3) is @user@example.org a valid email?

@dshafik @Gargron So, how would I mention someone in a toot? By typing out the URL?

@ramsey @Gargron same way as now, @ would activate the user picker, show prefixes (hostnames), still @example on the current instance. It's the same number of chars for the full name...

@dshafik @Gargron Fair enough. I think youโ€™re fighting an uphill battle though, since (I believe) the current format is an OStatus convention. ๐Ÿ˜€

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