@dansup I'm a little confused about Pixelfed and Mastodon. As I understand it they both use the ActivityPub standard and Pixelfed implements the same APIs as Mastodon, so in *theory* should it not be supported by Mastodon clients, meaning that I can add my account as if it were a Mastodon instance? Or am I completely wrong here? Or is that a future thing you haven't completed yet?

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@dshafik You are right. You can follow and interact with pixelfed accounts from your mastodon web UI (given you instance is up-to-date) and also from newer mobile clients (e.g. mastalab)

@dshafik You can not post from YOUR pixelfed account with the mastodon web UI, but some apps (e.g. Mastalab again) support this in the very near future, making them not only multi-instance but multi-service compatible.

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