The one thing I vehemently hate in the go code style...Β is the indentation (or lack thereof) for labels. That'll teach me for using goto I suppose! :(

Me: how do I define a variable in Golang again?

*12hrs later*

Also Me: yeah, I definitely feel like I'm proficient in Golang, seamlessly switching from another language like a pro.

Current status: trying out zsh as it will be the new default shell in macOS Catalina. My bash prompt has grown too slow and I have no idea how to fix it. :|

Oh, and, proof that Permanent Residents can donate… you may not be my representative but you definitely represent the America I want to be part of πŸ’–

Got a personal call from today, I was busy (and walking) but still wanted to take the time to wish her luck, and we chatted a little about immigration and other issues, even though I can't vote!

Then I got a follow up email, wishing me luck on my citizenship πŸ™ŒπŸΌβ€οΈ

OK, these so called mixed berry Cepacol/Strepsil cough drops taste fucking awful. I guess when the alternative taste is *coughing my lungs out* it's tolerable... but barely. Also, they're so strong on the numbing that I can't feel my face anymore.

PHP folks: what's the best to write arbitrary length text over an image, such that it fits in a specific (rectangular, but not necessarily straight) area of an image?

Bosch is the best show since The Wire. Feels like a continuation in a split timeline where Marlo flipped and became a cop. OR WAS HE UNDERCOVER THE WHOLE TIME?! 😱

It took longer than I hoped...Β but I finally submitted my application to become a US Citizen. We are in this together <3

My App: *has a bug*
Me: *reproduces and fixes*
My App: *still has a bug*
Me: *adds logging*
My App:

The number one take-away I have from Golang when writing PHP is: sprintf() is amazing, and we should use it way more. I wish that PSR-3 had supported it out of the box.

If you leave a light on with a blown bulb… does it use electricity? My brain says no, but it's 5:21am and I'm not sure of anything right now…

I picked up & Lumen the last 3 weeks for a new project...Β  and I don’t think I’ve ever been this productive in my life. Super excited with what I’m building right now...Β most exciting PHP project in a long time. \o/

I saw a cartoon avatar generator with an API a while back and I can’t find it again, it allowed you to create a cartoon person that looked like yourself, similar style to this, but again, API:

I've tried several times to get on the Laravel train, and have failed miserably each time, getting frustrated before I could get productive. However, the last couple of days I've been using Lumen to build an API, and it's the *perfect* backdoor for my brain to just pick up what it needs as I go along, rather than needing to front-load a bunch of Laravel conventions up front.

I choose Lumen knowing that I may need to expand this project beyond the API later; happy with my choice so far!

Me: *pays for 400/15Mbit*
Me: *only seeing 5Mbit down*
Me: *calls*
Me: *now seeing 0.7Mbit down*


(A tech will be here later today, so I can’t complain too much :)

I think the most surprising thing about the new AirPods is they chose to call the new chip the H1 chip instead of the W2. I suspect H because of β€œHey Siri”, but also because they’re planning to add this chip to more products for β€œHey Siri” support, e.g. Apple TV/Remote…

I think my only option is a single network but my experience thus far is that most devices end up picking up the much slower 2.4ghz signal. Any ideas? 2/2

I have a Netgear R6400 with split 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi networks, and for some reason devices in the 5ghz cannot see devices on the 2.4ghz… is that normal? I feel like they're all on the same router/subnet (I think) and that shouldn't be an issue. 1/2

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