The craziest thing about everybody working from home is that Microsoft Teams servers are somehow still running

Velocity based collision detection is kinda a pain isn't it

I think one of the reasons C# annoys me is because it's very hard to keep lines shorter than ~80 characters and still have the code look neat/organized.

I feel like George RR Martin, because I can't stand Visual Studio auto correcting my code. I'M NOT 7, I MEANT TO TYPE WHAT I TYPED. Yes, I want my variable to be called 'tmp' not 'Temp'

I somehow just learned about Intel TBB, and it's absolutely insane.

Sorting 10000000 strings took 3525ms with std lib's `std::sort` and only 15ms with tbb's `parallel_sort`

@zladuric oh Christ tell me about it. Wastes so much gorgeous screen real estate

Oh no.
My university is redoing one of the student services sites, (class scheduling, financial aid, etc..), and they're having the web development majors do it. You know what that means.

* Giant buttons
* Slow transitions
* Tons of non-free js bloat
* Only 10 words visible per page because padding is 100px for every element
* Font size is like 25em.

I can't wait to puke in my mouth

@OTheB oh damn dude I'd take that any day, I feel like I always do stuff the slow way

Distance over time is godly. Dream Theater nailed this one

Hmm, for some reason I don't have any IOMMU groups to use for GPU passthrough, but all my parts support Intel VT-d and I have everything enabled. Maybe Void Linux doesn't like virtualization?

@smays oh yeah no way in hell we'll be listening to Taylor swift lol

I swear, these job applications are the most annoying things I've had to do yet

Yeah not gonna lie, Bird Box was pretty okay, but it just felt like a pretty standard horror movie to me, except, there wasn't anything to really scare the audience, just the characters.

I also found myself more mad at the movie than anything just due to the pure stupidity of most of the characters. It also felt like there were a lot of basic plot holes that made the plot less plausible (assuming it was already)

I have learned one thing fixing an old pinball machine. Arcade game companies don't actually understand how to make arcade games

If the new Dream Theater single is this good, I'm HYPED for the new album

I made the mistake of defending another car company in the Tesla subreddit. HOW DARE I BE OBJECTIVE

I'm honestly surprised the Scientology website isn't hacked more

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