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Getting a hardfault on the system generated embedded code before my code even runs... Hm, I wonder why I hate boiler plate code

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Opinion: StackOverflow users should not be able to mark a question as a duplicate of a closed question.

If it's a duplicate because it's also bad, it should be closed.

If it's similar but not worth closing, it's not a duplicate.

You know you're in Maine when someone shouts that there are deer in the yard, and people yell, "GO GET THE SHOTGUN"

As much as I hate people who call themselves Bond fans, but have only see the Craig films; the Craig films really are beautifully made.

@jwkicklighter yeah that's why I've started reading through /r/neutralpolitics more, because since each comment is required to have at least one source, everything is a lot more neutral and discussion based

@gdr yeah that's true, I haven't really been on Mastodon long enough to experience all the dark sides, but at least people here seem to try to have an open mind

Reddit is the worst, most blinded echo chamber I've ever taken place in. They refuse to even hear an argument from any side but their own, and if you try to give them sense, they down vote you to non-existence. It's pathetic

I would feel bad about cheating in a Facebook game, but it's a Facebook game so I don't

The fact that Facebook can't even make it's own messenger games block notifications is sad to me

@deletionism oh sweet thanks for the write-up! I'll make sure to look into some of those

Looking at the amount of IPs fail2ban has banned makes me happy for some weird sadistic reason

I can't believe I didn't know about the resynthesizer plugin for GIMP until today. THIS IS AMAZING. It was the one thing I was missing from GIMP the most

The fact that someone posted "drifting etiquette" on my college's subreddit makes me happier than it should

fedi noob question 

@LucasWerkmeister yeah I'm pretty sure they do, cuz even highly followed accounts get next to no favs

It's really too bad the Kiel libraries couldn't be available for Linux, they have support for nearly every embedded dev board

@deletionism I'm thinking about purging google from my phone and switching to F-Droid, how many apps will I be missing?

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