Visiting my dad in the country and some galahs came to visit!

I made a (left handed) bench hook for lino cutting since my partner wants to try some lino cutting again. Turned out well, I'm happy with the result.

My bookshelf speakers have hum that comes and goes with a decrease in volume at the same time. I opened them up to have a look and there is an obviously burnt resister. Tracing out the components to a diagram and matching it to a diagram from the op amp spec sheet. It has the resister and capacitor labelled as being for frequency stability which maybe would cause a hum?

The questions are: why did they burn out (it's both left and right sides) and are they the only broken parts?

Grouped the timer objects into a i8253 chip and gave it an API for easy use in my javascript 8086 emulator. Next up is the i8259 (Programmable Interrupt Controller)

Writing test cases for my :javascript: based i8253 chip simulator / emulator and got it to output nice timing diagrams using wavedrom.

Finally managed to get my x86 assembler to output MZ EXE correctly, not just .COM binary format. Hopefully the next step is an binary file which I can run outside of Dosbox.

Writing an assembler is harder than expected but also rewarding when things work 🎉 :win3_progman:

I finally got my web based x86 assembler to be able to assembler a simple example.

It re-assembles as you type and if it's valid you can download the output executable. This example runs in dosbox (or dos if you have an install) and will print 'hello world!' then wait for a keypress. In this case it creates a .com file.

The cherry tree thinks it's spring already, I think it's in for a surprise 😔

Today's coffee, an oat milk flat white. I switched to using a bigger milk jug for steaming which has helped a bit for the foam texture.

Some flowers in a park in Borough, London. Hopefully we don't get any frosts now the trees think it's spring 😬

And that, my friends is the end of today's journey. We didn't see the deer today, but I'll leave you with a photo I took last time.

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From here we start our journey back out of the park towards Richmond and the station there. On our way we see a tree with interesting bark.

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Walking back to the entrance to the area, some plants are flowering. It feels early in the year for this. On one of the shrubs we spot a bumble bee.

Stopping to look more closely we smell the sweet scent of the flowers.

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At the distant end of area from where we entered is a pine tree with some twisted branches. As we stand below it we can hear some insects making loud clicking sounds.

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As we continue into the park we enter a fenced off area called Isabella Plantation. It's a planted garden section with various trees from other places, a small lake and a series of streams flowing into the lake.

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As we come to the end of the grove and enter another open area of the park we see a sign. It asks people not to pick mushrooms from the park.

You can get an idea of what the park looks like begin the tree in this photo.

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As we follow the path beside the fenced off grove we come across a lone old grizzly conifer. It's green leaves stand out currently when majority of trees in the park are bare from winter.

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