Should I get back to writing my own activity pub microblog?

*stares at pile of unfinished projects* 👀

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I've been having thoughts about treating you inbox like email and using the sieve language from email to sort incoming posts into folders 📩 or to add (extra) content warnings to posts ⚠️

@drlabman and run SpamAssasin on the content to find SPAM.

@drlabman Unsolicited opinion: a mAcro-network, please? We have so many AP micro projects already. Mastodon, Pleroma, etc. can and are being tweaked for long posts, but their interface layouts were simply not designed for normal human communications (email). One can write micro-posts on a mAcro network no problem. But vice versa is inconvenient. As for inbox, I believe putting specifically DMs into a separate interface (suitable for chat-like experiences) is a good idea.

@lightone Is it more block post style long posts that you see as not well served with the current interfaces or something between micro posts and blog posts?

@drlabman It's mostly too narrow, fixed-size columns for displaying a post (non-suitable for long text) - columns that don't get wider even on big desktop screens! Long format communications should take up as much space as available, and distractions (notifications, followed tags, etc) should be "hidden" in an unobtrusive menu.

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