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Arduino lib updated 6 days ago and it has support for the e-ink display i received

Today's coffee, an oat milk flat white. I switched to using a bigger milk jug for steaming which has helped a bit for the foam texture.

Who to people recommend for server hosting given scaleway seems to break randomly and have rubbish support?

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programming hot take 

Some flowers in a park in Borough, London. Hopefully we don't get any frosts now the trees think it's spring 😬

And that, my friends is the end of today's journey. We didn't see the deer today, but I'll leave you with a photo I took last time.

From here we start our journey back out of the park towards Richmond and the station there. On our way we see a tree with interesting bark.

Walking back to the entrance to the area, some plants are flowering. It feels early in the year for this. On one of the shrubs we spot a bumble bee.

Stopping to look more closely we smell the sweet scent of the flowers.

At the distant end of area from where we entered is a pine tree with some twisted branches. As we stand below it we can hear some insects making loud clicking sounds.

As we continue into the park we enter a fenced off area called Isabella Plantation. It's a planted garden section with various trees from other places, a small lake and a series of streams flowing into the lake.

As we come to the end of the grove and enter another open area of the park we see a sign. It asks people not to pick mushrooms from the park.

You can get an idea of what the park looks like begin the tree in this photo.

As we follow the path beside the fenced off grove we come across a lone old grizzly conifer. It's green leaves stand out currently when majority of trees in the park are bare from winter.

Nearby as we walk further into the park there is a fenced off section which acts as a reserve for nature. There are some paths through which are mostly closed off from the public. But one path through caught my eye with its fancy gate.

My photo is just off centre with the gate and path, which is a shame. I'll need to go back to capture this correctly.

Next we enter the park itself. I don't have any pictures of the open space in the park, next time I'll take a few. The park is big. Big enough to have a herd of deer in it. There are currently signs up warning of the park being closed to pedestrians at night because there is a deer cull happening over the next few weeks.

There are large open grass lands with small groves of trees. We had lunch sitting on a log in a grove of trees near the entrance the comes in from Richmond Hill.

Further up the hill, closer to the park, we can see some more open hillside views with a field next to the Thames at the bottom.

Friends, let's take a quick journey into Richmond Park of in the south west part of London. Here we look down to the Thames from the top of Richmond Hill.

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latest firefox did a plugin suggestion at me and I'm like SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

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Things about London BBC Sherlock did not tell you:

1. It smells like fried rubbish. Like a chippy poured their grease into an open container only the container is London.

2. Foxes scream all night long and it sounds like murder. Eventually you stop going to the window to check. I think this is what they want.

3. No place in London is that white. Maybe inner city, but that place also eat souls so you know. makes sense.

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