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Fun fact: there is no such thing as Stockholm syndrome. It was invented on the spot by an incompetent psychiatrist to explain why the hostages didn't trust him, after he demonstrated complete disregard for their safety. It's literal gaslighting. There is no research that would confirm the phenomenon. It was later picked up by media, and is mostly used to explain away the distrust of victims towards law enforcement after they have been mistreated by it.

Visiting my dad in the country and some galahs came to visit!

I made a (left handed) bench hook for lino cutting since my partner wants to try some lino cutting again. Turned out well, I'm happy with the result.

I've been having thoughts about treating you inbox like email and using the sieve language from email to sort incoming posts into folders 📩 or to add (extra) content warnings to posts ⚠️

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Should I get back to writing my own activity pub microblog?

*stares at pile of unfinished projects* 👀

Apart from the upgrade disabling all the repo's because they are mirror references and therefore considered 'third-party', it seems to have gone ok

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Upgrading my upcloud hosted ubuntu server wish me luck 🤞

Love to get up on a Saturday morning and fix an expired certificate issue that someone else was supposed to be fixing yesterday :thisisfine: Have you seen this, it seems like it would be in your area of interests:

I only suspect you haven't seen it because I don't remember being trolled in Old English yet.

My partner just found that The Register exists and is losing it 😆

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My bookshelf speakers have hum that comes and goes with a decrease in volume at the same time. I opened them up to have a look and there is an obviously burnt resister. Tracing out the components to a diagram and matching it to a diagram from the op amp spec sheet. It has the resister and capacitor labelled as being for frequency stability which maybe would cause a hum?

The questions are: why did they burn out (it's both left and right sides) and are they the only broken parts?

It's a distributed team/company and we can hire in the UK / Ireland / Spain / Germany / Kazakhstan / Australia / Chile!

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👋 I've got 7 software engineering positions to fill in my team, if you are looking for a role:
- frontend (React, MaterialUI, D3js, Node.js)
- backend (Node.js, Java, Postgresql, Microservices, Docker)
- data integration (Node.js,, APIs, OPCUA, SQL)
- data pipelines (Apache Flink, Mongodb, APIs)

Message me and I can provide more details or some are listed here:

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Grouped the timer objects into a i8253 chip and gave it an API for easy use in my javascript 8086 emulator. Next up is the i8259 (Programmable Interrupt Controller)

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