A role-playing game is radicalizing me and that is alright with me.

Okay. My old Twitter account has been deactivated and I've downloaded all my previous tweets. I guess that's that, then.

>i enter a former 7-eleven with an "Amazon Basics" tarp over the sign
>just gonna buy a bag of chips and a USB 4.43+ Gen E cord and charger, in and out
>i hand my $14.49 to the cashier
>"oh, sorry sir, we don't take that"
>"that's fine i have my cr-"
>"didn't you get your Libra Clip like everyone else?"
>"n-no, look can i just-"
>a facebook drone with a luminescent smiley face bursts from under the cash register
>it attaches to my head and attempts to puncture my ear
>i bash my head against the counter and manage to decouple it
>make a fucking run for it
>a Boston Dynamics drone painted Amazon orange blindsides me from outside the exit, restrains me as the drone flies out the door and approaches me again
>i scream as a Libra Clip is bolted into my right ear
>"welcome to the global currency"

Bears repeating 

OH @ work today: "The repository of broken dreams has infinite capacity".

I just set up syncthing on my desktop and my house server. I'm thinking about not having a Dropbox anymore, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Got my BoxThrones set up. No particular organization to the collection yet, just trying to clear shelf space for the role-playing books.

Working on converting my personal site (again!) to GatsbyJS (again!).

“Twitter is bad. You shouldn’t do it.” — @ContraPoints@twitter.com at #xoxofest

Generating my personal site drhayes.io using hugo, instead of cuttlebelle or metalsmith. And it's finally working.

Instead of metalsmith I think I'm going to use cuttlebelle.

Trying to squeeze my site into metalsmith again.

Like playing it back-to-back-while-coding-side-project love.

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