Considering making the plunge to redirect my personal URL to my keybase public URL. Any thoughts, comments, things to consider?

I have a real hate for mm/dd/yyyy .. and especially mm/dd/yy.. Just don't. yyyy/mm/dd works everywhere.

@dlillard0819 Spotify seems like it has the most integration with other services, and most music, but I've heard compelling reviews of pandora because of the fact that it suggests music based on aspects of the songs, not just whatever label is paying for their album to be suggested Cmd+Shift+T is an autonomous reflex at this point

@pseudomichael day three of whole 30... meatballs with creole seasoning was a pleasantly satisfying dinner!

@eurasierboy can you make it so gifs loop when you view view them full screen? I have to keep pushing play to watch the puppy beg 😞

Still having trouble importing my google waves... did I sign up on the wrong instance?

Just found Amaroq on product hunt, solid mobile client for mastodon.

@fyeahnix push through the funk. write garbage til something good comes out. listen to cheryl strayed on tim ferris podcast, you might be inspired.

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