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SSL Labs just updated their SSL grading algorithm. All sites that supports TLS1.0 and TLS1.2 would be capped to grade B.

So with that, I updated our cipher suite and disabled those protocols and got an A+.

We recently had a DDOS attack coming from Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova. I didn’t even know there is such country as Moldova.

So I had to discard all those packets coming from those countries. You could call me “the packet dropper”.

Firefox vulnerability is currently being attacked. Even the Department of Homeland Security is advising users to update.

So if you guys haven’t updated your Firefox yet, you should now. Seriously.

This was my second time experiencing an ashfall. The last time was like 20 years ago and it was much worse.

Having ashfall here in the city. Everybody’s buying facemask. Was lucky to buy a box of facemask.

What’s funny was that, the person who’s in charge of giving out the boxes, her name is Ashley.

This is what looks like if you have a Windows 10 installer on a floppy disk.

I thought a baconator single is supposed to have 3 full strips of bacon. Mine was like 3 half strips of bacon.

I think I got robbed of bacon. Oh well..

As I go out of the car, I saw 2 flies getting busy.

It’s very rare to see them doing that kind of thing so I took a video.

They just hacked This is only a small part of Iran’s cyber ability. I’m expecting they will go all out on this in the coming days.

Iran knows it can’t win against US if they go to an all out war but they know they have a chance if they go cyber.

Giant food chain is phasing out their Champ burgers. That’s fine I guess, nobody’s ordering them anyways.

Doing some work stuff an hour before new year’s day. I love my work.

They say that having a loud music or doing loud noises on or before new year's day makes the bad spirits go away. I wonder what happens to the good spirits? :thaenkin:

Neighbor's music is getting louder as the new year approaches. 2 more hours to go before new year.

It’s almost 2020 and superstitious beliefs are still alive and kicking.

I’m not sure who the idiot person that started this, but most people believe that eating chicken on new year’s eve and on new year’s day is considered to be unlucky.

Didn’t know mom was collecting Starbucks stickers. She just completed all of em. Now she has a new Starbucks 2020 planner.

It’s not that i hate whatever they’re playing (i like most of em) but it’s just too loud. Can’t hear the movie I’m watching.

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