@mdszy You make it everyone’s issue by posting about it here.

@mdszy Using the phone still takes longer than saying it twice, especially in situations like cooking where your hands may be dirty. And why do you have such an issue with someone else’s problem?

Refactoring code for this app I'm working on and some of the things I wrote are just embarrassingly bad. 🤦‍♂️ Repetition all over the place and often not taking advantage of various functions I wrote to make things simpler.

@kazooboy Just to be clear, you’re looking to install macOS from a flash drive or something else? If it’s something else, Balena Etcher is awesome.

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CloudFlare mixing things up again with a VPN service for improved mobile connectivity blog.cloudflare.com/1111-warp-

@uliwitness You can run "sudo visudo" to add the script to your sudoers list with a line like "username ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: /Users/username/your_script.sh". Restart terminal and then you can run "sudo your_script.sh" without a password. Or if you want to make it more concise, create a separate script to run the first one, using the "sudo your_script.sh" line in that file. Hope that made sense.

@Argus Are these two separate questions or related? PDF files have some sort of default viewer application on pretty much every modern OS and generally maintain their formatting across all of them. They don’t rely on externally available resources.

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@MikeVeerman I code alone because I have limited experience (low confidence) and am terrible at networking. Lol. But I do think it’s silly to criticize someone for how they prefer to function.

@waldfee By being honest with yourself and others about your level of certainty. No one knows everything. From my experience, if you're not sure, it's ok to say you'll have to look into it and come back with a more informed answer.

I browse through various feeds around the web hoping for informative insights. But honestly most of what I find is just illogical noise. Makes it feel like I wasted my time looking at all.

@dshafik I think you can and should complain. Lol. I pay for 400 from Charter and 99% of the time I'm getting 500. Comcast is awful to their customers, no matter how pleasant the mask they wear appears.

@OTheB Visa and other gift cards already do this. Pay and reload with cash in a store and you don't have to give a name or address to use it. If there are two or more stores you don't want payments being linked together with, get an additional card.

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now THIS is epic

(exactly what it says on the tin: a visualization of orbital satellites, etc - VERY cool)

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