Omg. Apple is finally requiring apps be granted notification permissions first in macOS Catalina. My Mac Notification Center has been an absolute trash heap. Thank goodness.

This is the #1 social networking app on the iOS App Store right now. How have people not learned to stop volunteering their personal info to every free thing that pops up?

I hate notification spam even more than junk in my inbox. First reaction was to just disable notifications. But then I just removed the app completely because why bother with any app crappy enough that it needs to annoy its users into launching it.

Wtf is going on with this UI? There are lines all over the place and so few elements are actually aligned with anything. Also, why is there a search button on a chat window?

@JPEG Toots in Mast are just a little too narrow in the right side of the iPad. Also, the action/attachments bar at the bottom of the screen when composing a toot doesn’t really work well when a hardware keyboard is being used. Appears to be because its sizing depends on the size of the on screen keyboard, which in this case isn’t present. Maybe it should have a default size if the keyboard height is below a certain threshold?

Anyone have any tips on how to filter out these sort of recruitment scams? Very first email and this guy is asking for basically all the details my bank would use to verify identity over the phone.

My first gen Watch still holds up great after a full day of usage. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking to upgrade. Battery may last, but it’s pretty slow.

Did I miss something? Why is everyone asking for a bean emoji on Apple’s Instagram?

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