I haven’t seen much commotion about the previous #iOS 13 dev/public #beta or the one that dropped this week, so I installed them yesterday.

So far, so good. Being able to cycle through Slide Over apps on iPad and having a bunch of auto-generated Memoji stickers totally make this worth it so far. 😄

Performance seems pretty solid. Working on iPad all day, used iPhone to play music to a Bluetooth speaker on a 10 mile ride. Batteries behaved normally.


@chartier Betas 6 and 7 were very tough on my battery. But 8 seems fine so far. :) Still have several odd layout bugs, especially switching between orientations with certain apps.

@donavon Funny you say that, because I just started hitting some of them.

In fact, you replied about 30 minutes ago, which is when I think I started seeing these problems.


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