Can anyone recommend a really solid email hosting alternative to gmail? Attempting to purge my life of companies that treat their users like products.


Proton mail is good, but they use proprietary protocols for end to end encryption which means you need a tool running to use another mail client.

If your even a little technical, hosting your own can be very easy. About $5 a month. Check out

@robjloranger @donavon @mikedol ProtonMail has IMAP support for paying customers. That means if enabled, you should be able to use Thunderbird or whatever if you want. They also have a .onion address if you want extra protection while using Tor. And, here's their source code

Hosting your own mail service always ends in tears and bald spots.

IMAP is only with the proton mail bridge running. I was a paying customer.
@donavon @mikedol

@donavon I currently use - feels pretty solid and good, and the price is not too big (about 1 Euro/month).

@alexcleac @Sylphox Posteo was the most appealing option out of all the ones I researched. Thanks for the suggestion!

@switchingsocial Semi-related: Is there any reason why isn't listed? In my opinion they do a really great job at providing a really great (paid, but cheap) e-mail service.

I switched to Fastmail a couple years back and haven't looked back. Has all Gmail's features and more, including a reasonable privacy policy.

@donavon I highly recommend FastMail, have been with them for years without any issue, and their features/price is much better than (many) others.

@donavon Do you have a personal domain? Most domain providers offer email as a paid extra.

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