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"Seriously, imagine if 20 years later the authors of Winnie the Pooh came back with a trilogy of books about how Piglet and Rooh were dragged into a world-ending contest of good versus evil that gave them PTSD and then they got on a boat to heaven-America with a bunch of heffalumps. That’s how LOTR feels to me." -

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My stupid OS only comes with git 2.25, so my `git start` alias now looks like this:
start = !git init && git commit --allow-empty -m \"Initial commit\" && git branch -M main
which lets me use `main` as the default branch name

I didn't know that there are mussles (in ~2.5m depth) in the New Danube, but found them (plus some fish) while freediving

"Everyone has a test environment, not everyone is lucky enough to have a separate production environment." -

It seems today was "Board Game Day" and coincidentally we also had a game night (Lisboa, Cryptid, Fantasy Realms)

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the trick is to write "respectfully yours" at the end so he can't get mad

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Third swim on Donauinsel this year, first time with camera. It was rather windy, which attracted a flock of hydrofoil surfers...

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It's so funny when you search "person programming" you see images of people looking at computer screen with their fingers on keyboard.

Whereas programming is all about people looking into empty spaces and thinking.

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