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accessibility: making sure products and technology is available to anyone.

instead of typing it out - let's call it "a11y", to make it completely obscure and incomprehensible to most anyone.

that's not ironic at all.

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tfw the last commit is "import from CVS", 11 years ago

An easy to type and to remember URL, on the side of a truck. And it's out-of-date and now "shortend" to :-)

Hm, seems my script has a bug and is not uploading the image anymore. Well, here it is:

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Finally put a new decal based on the first 8 primes on my ewish laptop (Tuxedo Pulse 14 I got 2021-09)

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"Awards of up to EUR 5000 are available for finding security vulnerabilities in ... Mastodon ... There is a 20% bonus for providing a code fix for the bugs they discover."
ht to @Doudouosm

Listening to "Let us play" (Coldcut) again for the first time in years - what a great album!

Rechtsstaat & Anti-Korruptionsvolksbegehren: - diese Woche unterschreiben, geht ganz easy mit Handysignatur

But should I also forward to Twitter? And if yes, should I add a note pointing to Mastodon?

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Yes, it does! Yay (and , and the rest of the stack...)

And now let's see if my microblog wrapper also forwards to Mastodon...

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