holocaust and nazi mention 

holocaust and nazi mention 

@switchingsocial @inditoot @one @pinkprius @Gargron Trying to stamp out bad ideas by ostracising their proponents to their own communities, rather than directly engaging with their arguments, just allows them to further fester.

National socialism is a fringe position because it's been debated openly, not in spite of it. Enforce rules of civility, not conformity, and let the debate happen. The better idea will win.

Hmm, they've fixed it again now. I can't imagine what their thinking is.

Tinfoil hat time: Why the hell is specifically blacklisting the useragent for the Chromium-powered browser? Anything with "edg" (except if it says "edge") in the string is failing over to the old version, and it's affecting one Google site after another. No issues with any other Chromium-based browser whatsoever. What other motive could they have for this except as an anti-copetitive tactic to try and smother Edgium in the crib?

Suspect this has been the reason that Ubuntu has never even booted on my machine while Manjaro does. Because the Nouveau drivers are poop. This is a good move on Ubuntu's part.


My own music gave me goosebumps tonight. That doesn't happen often. I'm actually feeling pretty confident in it. You tend to get used to doubting your own material.

@amiloradovsky Arguably yes, though I was thinking along the lines of "Help other people when you see they could use the help" when I listed the former and "Make permanent improvements to the processes and environment around you" for the latter

@garrett tbf, All Star is an eternal classic that should be considered a current day hit, on any given day, forevermore

Don't :

• Follow your dreams.
• Get a qualification in something that isn't directly useful to your job right now.
• Believe that you're entitled to anything.
• Assume you know much (or even a little)
• Think that people can't get by without you.
• Expect it to work out the first time.
• Talk shit, even if they deserve it.
• Get bitter.
• Blame anyone, even if it's their fault.
• Compare yourself to others.
• Ummm... that's it I think

After thinking and talking about it for a while, here's my advice for doing well in your career.


1. Be in the right place at the right time.
2. Say yes.
3. Be helpful.
4. Make things better than they were.
5. Take credit for your work.

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From birdsite 

RIP to , the site that imprinted Bill Cosby/Slayer mashups and Darth Vader playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire in my malleable brain for all eternity


(though only one)

I made this 3 years ago and it pretty much feels the same today as then.

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#Mobilizon is an upcoming free open event organising platform, which will federate through ActivityPub (so it will work on the Fediverse).

It's not ready yet, but you can find out more, including a development timetable, on the official website:


You can follow the official account at:


The source code is at:


It's being developed by free software advocates @Framasoft , who make #PeerTube and lots of other cool stuff.


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