Tinfoil hat time: Why the hell is specifically blacklisting the useragent for the Chromium-powered browser? Anything with "edg" (except if it says "edge") in the string is failing over to the old version, and it's affecting one Google site after another. No issues with any other Chromium-based browser whatsoever. What other motive could they have for this except as an anti-copetitive tactic to try and smother Edgium in the crib?

I made this 3 years ago and it pretty much feels the same today as then.

These shots coming out of the Chromium powered Edge browser look great. Pretty keen to try it for myself.

Having views like this ten minutes away, reminds me that I ain't got much to complain about

At the beginning of Skyrim, Raloff mutters "the Empire loves their damned lists." Well you know who else loves his damned lists? ME!

They take an enormous amount of stress out of life, allowing you to make better decisions, understand what you're accomplishing, prevent lots of terrible mistakes and if Legate Rikke had paid attention to her damned list, it wouldn't have taken an eldritch fire-spewing abomination to stop them from cutting my head off.

I'm rather a fan of Microsoft To-Do, personally

has grabbed all the headlines with its 2x neural upscale mod, but the 4x one for impresses me even more (perhaps twice as much? Lel)

Kinda crazy seeing a neural network accomplish so quickly a result almost as good as a full team, this is the beginning of a renaissance in retro gaming restoration I think.

(and yeah, I play Doom on my phone... nothing like a quick blast when you're sitting on the can)

A nostalgic stroll through the ancient ruins of Windows Phone 8.1... surprisingly the store still works, and people are still leaving reviews.

The Messenger app is still available for download but won't log in,C same with Twitter. The XBox video app still works fine and syncs up your purchases. The Music app says it's syncing but never actually will. Cortana still shows as being in 'Alpha'.

I really miss this beautiful OS - nothing else ever topped the sheer aesthetic joy of its UX, including W10M.

Beautiful views from the Murray yesterday - and somewhere in the distance, the sound of 'Chattahoochee' by Alan Jackson on full blast gently echoing off the water

Mapping for Unreal is still just as addictive now as it was 20 years ago

Album number 2 recording is going rather swimmingly and also looks like a gigantic mess at a distance

OMG they fixed the mouse wheel routing in the newest Excel builds, fixing a years-old pet peeve of mine

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