These shots coming out of the Chromium powered Edge browser look great. Pretty keen to try it for myself.

's bullshit blocking of Zerohedge, Bitchute et al in an effort to stop access to footage of the NZ shooting is:

a) Useless, since it's mirrored in zillions of other places they missed,

b) Inconvenient, because I use these affected sites legitimately, and

c) Insulting, because my ISP presumes to know what is right and best for me, and has seen fit to deny me of the choice.

This behaviour is disgraceful and will only drives actual bad actors further underground to fester.

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Having views like this ten minutes away, reminds me that I ain't got much to complain about

At the beginning of Skyrim, Raloff mutters "the Empire loves their damned lists." Well you know who else loves his damned lists? ME!

They take an enormous amount of stress out of life, allowing you to make better decisions, understand what you're accomplishing, prevent lots of terrible mistakes and if Legate Rikke had paid attention to her damned list, it wouldn't have taken an eldritch fire-spewing abomination to stop them from cutting my head off.

I'm rather a fan of Microsoft To-Do, personally

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RFC: Unpopular opinion Show more

Married at First Sight keeps referring to itself as 'Australia's most controversial social experiment'

What hypothesis is the show designed to test

What's the methodology

What are the metrics

What's the control group

How do they evaluate whether or not it's a success

After four seasons of this I thought maybe they'd have some of these questions bedded down by now

Getting a crazy feel it might not actually be an experiment

has grabbed all the headlines with its 2x neural upscale mod, but the 4x one for impresses me even more (perhaps twice as much? Lel)

Kinda crazy seeing a neural network accomplish so quickly a result almost as good as a full team, this is the beginning of a renaissance in retro gaming restoration I think.

(and yeah, I play Doom on my phone... nothing like a quick blast when you're sitting on the can)

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Windows 9 isn't the first time Microsoft skipped a version number - In the early days, they skipped over MS-UNO and went straight to MS-DOS!

I'm really interested in figuring out a way to measure how much time I take to complete tasks at work. I am already tracking and categorising them all but it doesn't really break them down by time, just quantity.

I reckon I could get a lot more productive by being able to graph out where I'm spending the most time grinding and not really creating value. Probably emails. I spend two hours a day just answering, flagging and following up on emails.

Been messing with here and there... it's fun but I can't see myself switching while being so heavily caught up in the ecosystem.

In particular there just aren't any good mail clients around for Linux. , and just don't do it for me and I have given each a good shake.

I've learned that in a high-intensity workload, more stress comes from expecting to get it all done and then failing, than from the actual consequences of not doing it all.

It's kind of liberating to just expect everything around you to be complete chaos for a while, and focus instead on putting in order whatever things you realistically have the time and resources for.

12 tasks checked off my to-do list so far today, yet the list has grown by 3 items. It's a hydra

6/ It is not right that an algorithm can decide you've done something wrong and punish you, while often obfuscating the fact that you're even being punished at all, without telling you what you did wrong, why it did what it did, or being open to reconsideration.

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