Is Mastodon gunna verify me? Twitter had been playing hard to get since 2009 and swerving me for months with all of these lockouts, limits and suspensions.

Just sayin.

Some asshole bluecheck crying and writing an article after the twitter purge: Millennials killed Twitter.

this toot is cursed. all who witness it will be driven to madness. please boost.

Hello. I am baked and would appreciate some amnesty and preforgiveness for an unpopular opinion

This ram stared at us as we passed, the other few dozen in the same field just ignored us.

Having one, centralized power tripping mod was the core issue with Twitter. This has been solved on mastadon with literally hundreds of individual power tripping mods

Any of my followers willing to invite me to

"It’s been said before. We’re saddled with a welfare state from a bygone era when the breadwinners were still mostly men and people spent their whole lives working at the same company. The pension system and employment protection rules are still keyed to those fortunate enough to have a steady job, public assistance is rooted in the misconception that we can rely on the economy to generate enough jobs, and welfare benefits are often not a trampoline, but a trap."

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Haven't been posting much unfortunately, but have been reading

I really wish I weren’t so fucking busy (and in the middle of so many physically-limiting things) right now, b/c I really want to dive headlong onto this platform!

But for now, gonna be more of a lurker.

Bear with me, please, ex-Twitter peeps. Gotta get a thousand computers out to a thousand users in the next week, somehow get back my blown-out lower back, and make it through my second cataract surgery.

like i've literally been reading about aesthetics all day in preparation for writing an article and can tell you that this chart is absolutely meaningless in every possible way

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the funniest shit ever is that right wingers believe art ended in 1950


Bird Site: Dems celebrating Trump's corrupt lawyer and campaign manager going to jail while Republicans express joy that an undocumented immigrant killed Mollie Tibbets.

Mastodon: Alf tiddie speculation

Meanwhile On Twitter 

@lumpylouise It's the people presenting as adjacent to me who get to me on Twitter. Like, the people who are rude in how they address total strangers. People who quote tweet my posts to say they don't like them. People who say feminist theory is secretly misogynist because it does not center men (???). Men saying "is this the best use of your time?"

People are REALLY rude on there. Really rude.


You have got to be shitting me with this crap.

a cop, a terf, and a fascist walk into a bar 

'hey we all believe in magical bigoted bullshit lets be friends'

and so they all hold hands and live unhappily ever after

Two hurricanes have hit Hawaii in a century. A third one is bearing down. by @SciGuySpace
- arstechnica

My toots spring forth from the toot spring, a warm place in everyone’s heart. We all have a toot spring, have you found yours?

Tweets come from your ass. Directly from the hole in your ass.

I promised twitter this toot would get more than double the boosts and likes come on help an A/B tester out.

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Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen is in plea discussions with federal prosecutors, according to a person familiar with the matter
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