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#xkcd #gammaTest Weird Hill - I'm compromising by picking a weird hill to lie on. - Fri, 27 Dec 2019 05:00:00 -0000 - #poweredByAwk

lmao the savagery ('hof' => "Head of Infrastructure"):
1: *brings tea to 2*
2: "oh you gave me hof's mug! So I can go and nap while the internet's down"
office: "ayyyyy"
2: "what? I didn't do anything"
3 (from across office): "you're not the only one"
office: "AAAAAYYYYY"

A guy today in the train was so sleepy, he dropped his tables for about 6-7 times. Read, sleep, drop, pickup, repeat.

“Now, it sounds like Twitter is making a Mastodon clone. My reaction is really mixed. I’m not happy that the announcement omitted the monumental work that’s been done in this space by Mastodon developers.” - Eugen Rochko

This year's is a little disappointing. With the day 9 challenge it's already the 4th Intcode Processor related challenge.

For me personally it's not that much fun to extend again and again on the existing Intcode processor and most of all it becomes quite repetitive...

Rewrote my day 6 challenge in from building an object tree with Rc + RefCell to a much simpler version that only uses a string to string mapping for the tree traversal.
Also threw in FNV as HashMap hasher for an extra speed bump. The difference is huge.

Part 1 is 61% faster (598 μs down to 233 μs).
Part 2 is 97% faster (40 ms down to 1 ms).

Finished challenge 6 today and had to fight with the borrow checker a lot.

Everything worked in the end, but sharing mutable references in rust is quite a messy thing. Now my type definition looks like


And my code is full of


I wonder if there is a cleaner way 🤔...

TFW you think "the implementation can't be that bad, can it?"
**Peers into source

this post was inspired be me looking stuff up about the rust language server and getting ads for restless leg syndrome instead thank you
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@saramg Actual directions from car, since we were turning at the dividing point between north and south:

"In 100m turn right at North Northwest Highway and proceed Southeast on South Northwest highway."

We were pissing ourselves laughing by the time we arrived.

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It's Wednesday again...

All this people around the train station, standing in the way because they're playing .

Wasn't one of the goals for 's games that people go outside and meet others while playing instead of staying home?
Well, doesn't work. They just stand in the way and talk to no one.

RT And people thought you couldn’t get all three. You showed them! 😺


@Tusky really awesome Android app - simple and intuitive. And I love the design.

What would be great is an option to auto-scroll-up on refreshing a tab though. I know I can scroll to the top by clicking the tab after refreshing but it's an annoying extra "click".

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