Finally set up a instance on my vpc, so I can get some nice timing insights into my small running services.

Helps a lot in understanding the whole tracing and spans concept in my projects. With terminal output only, it's hard to figure out the spans as they only show up when you actually log something.

Jaeger was a bit scary because all the docs talk about big multi-instance setups and I have a tiny setup with everything on a single vpc. But the "all-in-one" instance works pretty well.


Just the memory usage is a bit high. Well, it idles around with about 55 MB RAM, which is pretty normal for , but from a perspective it's huge when I see my servers idling around with 1-2 MB, making the tracing collector the most memory hungry instance on my little vpc.

The UI is pretty nice though, so maybe I'll build a tiny rust copy that only implements the tracing variant that I use (as there seem to be several), and whatever the UI needs to function.

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