Tokio released a new web framework. Looks in some regards similar to (which was made by one of the Tokio group) but seems more flexible and extensible.

@dnaka91 Wow, this looks so neat!😍
It seems they've really gotten the abstraction right for Request/Response (well, the most important in a web framework):
Just look at the extractor for parsing JSON from a request body:
async fn create_user(Json(payload): Json<CreateUser>) {
// `payload` is a `CreateUser`
I mean, it can't get easier than that!¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Really looking forward for being increasingly used in the backend of web apps.

Thank you for sharing!❤️


@janriemer Yeah I think the same.

Used rocket for a while at first as it's really easy to use but I hit limitations to often and went to warp.

Warp is great in general but lacks a bit on the extensibility side. Many features are not open for extension (like adding new serialization formats) and require lots of boilerplate. Also, error handling is very tedious.

Axum looks so extensible and easy as well. I mean look at the template example. How easy it is to use a template crate for responses.

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