Just discovered for me. Of course did know about it but never properly checked it out.

Such a nice tool and just great to provision a base image for VPS instances. Especially not having to fiddle with all the edge cases when provisioning with shell scripts.

Still much to learn, I feel I just scratched the surface of it... Well, my setup is rather simple anyways 😅

@dnaka91 I love Ansible too :) For base images I'd also recommending checking out Packer. It's one of my favourite devops tools.

I wrote about Packer a while back. Hope it helps:



@ayushsharma22 thanks, I'm already using Packer.

Using a mix of Terraform and packer for my deployment and used packer with shell scripts so far.

Now had a little chat with a DevOps guy who uses Ansible a lot and after that I finally started trying it out now.

With shell scripts there are just so many things that can go wrong, often failing my provisioning.

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