For the naysayers about the importance of #rustlang's borrow checker, #dlang just added a prototype, #swiftlang is taking steps to add one and C++ is adding more and more features in that direction with each new standard.

Like it or hate it, hard to deny its influence, considering how young the language is.

My neighborhood has been putting up scarecrows but for COVID-19 and until I realized what was going on I thought I'd accidentally stumbled into some kind of survival horror cult thing where a demonic force was compelling people to construct ever-more-terrifying idols for worship

#Tusky 11 is out since a few days. This time we did not make big changes, but quite a lot of polishing and some small new features, most of which can be toggled with a setting:
- Notifications about new follow requests when your account is locked
- disable swiping between tabs
- show a confirmation dialog before boosting a toot
- show link previews in timelines

Marbula One - the marble race

This is strangely entertaining and exciting to watch 😂

covid-19, pandemic 

Deployed some fixes (the chart now resizes correctly, and I think I finally fixed a long-standing bug that someties made the chart disappear when multiple sites were fetching data simultaneously):,united-s

Also, added a readme to the codebase:

I have a hunch some of you might enjoy the readme more than the graphs, in fact.

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A few months ago I thought to myself: "Why not build a Table of Content generator in Rust?" and I did it and I've been using it ever since almost daily.

Just now I found out that it completely breaks when the markdown file contains a Rust derive in a code block.

Building this tiny tool taught me a lot about parsing text and I'm really glad I did it the hard way without using any markdown crates.

Performance artist generates virtual traffic jams in Google Maps by pulling a wagon full of smartphones

Good weather works like magic on me. Finally some good weather in a while, right from the morning ☀️🌞🔆

Woke up so easily today and was already ready to go by 7:50am... Usually it takes me 30min longer to make it out of the house in winter.

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