Big shout out to the team that makes the crate for .

Had some big compile time issues with the latest Rust 1.56 release. Mostly problem in the rust compiler and sadly the project hit that but causing huge compile times.

Nonetheless, they did a great support in trying to get around that compiler bug and circumvent it from their side. Latest Axum 0.3 fixes all these issues and it was a lot of fun helping out with testing and finding new corner cases.

Tokio released a new web framework. Looks in some regards similar to (which was made by one of the Tokio group) but seems more flexible and extensible.

I'm really having fun with in recently.

It's so satisfying if you have so tricky C construct and you find a way to map it to idiomatic Rust.

Managed to get my image provisioning all set up with and now. So much better then simple shell scripts through packer.

Such a nice tool Ansible is. And it makes it especially easy that systemd services are properly configured and handle many corner cases.

Just a bunch of commands that ensure a given state for packages, services, files... And it works without trouble or random failures.

Just discovered for me. Of course did know about it but never properly checked it out.

Such a nice tool and just great to provision a base image for VPS instances. Especially not having to fiddle with all the edge cases when provisioning with shell scripts.

Still much to learn, I feel I just scratched the surface of it... Well, my setup is rather simple anyways 😅

The video of our first steps into implementing "A Practical Wait-Free Simulation for Lock-Free Data Structures" in #rustlang is up! I miss these longer streams — they're a lot of fun. Still some way to go, but we made good progress!

Just lovely ❤️: "However, note that Rust is a project run by volunteers. We prioritize the personal well-being of everyone working on Rust over any deadlines and expectations we might have set. This could mean delaying the edition a version if necessary, or dropping a feature that turns out to be too difficult or stressful to finish in time."

Go have a look at the blog post, if you want to know what's coming for edition 2021.
Very impressive, how they plan to fix some problems.

I made a new that allows you to remote control via the obs-websocket plugin.

With that you can switch scenes, adjust scenes items and all kinda sorts of stuff directly from (all the heavy lifting done by obs-websocket though, this is a client library for it).

You can listen for events (created by user interactions) as well.

Thanks to using markdown and allowing raw HTML in the doc comments, I now have the nice ASCII art from the website directly in the docs of my coding challenge solutions.

Did you know that the over at Integer32 provides the top 100 crates for you to directly use in the playground? How cool is that!?

For example, try out , a data-parallelism library for Rust:

@epilys Hey just in case you didn't know already. Your terminal email client is in the top news of right now, congratulations!

Good news everyone! I passed my thesis defense yesterday, and now only have some minor revisions to the thesis itself left before I am completely done 🎉 You can find a recording of the thesis presentation here:
Since the thesis isn't _completely_ done, I haven't posted the actual document yet, though I will make it public once it's finalized. You can find the slides at

"Apple made ProtonMail add in-app purchases, even though it had been free for years"

"and that when the dev dared send an email to customers notifying them of the change, Apple threatened to remove the app and blocked all updates."

So I finally made my log file based ip blocker, called Veto, available on GitHub. It's similar to fail2ban but more focused on web server logs and performance.

I built it as fail2ban took about 60% CPU when doing load tests. Therefore, I went ahead and built my own solution written in .

Sorry @musicmatze for waiting so long, hope you like it and maybe even give it a try.

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