#2 I started to talk about how opensource was better with my friends, even though I was still using Windows. My friends then rightfully asked my why I was still using Windows then? I made the decision that day to start using Linux. I have been using primarily Linux every day since.

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I switched to Ubuntu 8.04 from Windows Vista and tried my best to get things done. I was doing PHP websites at the time. I started with Wubi, but eventually just installed Ubuntu. It was a big learning curve but I am grateful for making the change because I wasn't happy being locked into the Windows system.




I have a questions for the users of #quey Mastodon.

Should we silence #Gab or just let them be?

I don't want to make this decision by myself. Please let me know what you think!

#poll #gab #quey

Folks, We have a the #Opportunity of a #Lifetime here now that #GAB is an #Open #Source
And also we now part of the vastly huge #decentralized #federation, Please be patient and Allow The IT Team and Dev Teams iron out issues bugs and problems on this platform.

My Suggestion is once your familiarize yourself with the #GAB #Instance and platform think very seriously about expanding yourself And network throughout the #federation, here is a list of a few Networks you may be interested in along with starting your very own #GAB #Instance

List of #Gab instances so far:
* gab.com
* develop.gab.com
* not-develop.gab.com
* exited.eu
* cyzed.com

Other #Decentralized Networks in the #Federation


One of the Best List on the Net for privacy tools/information and Social-decentralized networks: privacytools.io/

Thank You #Andrew #Torba and May #God #Bless #You, and
#GOD #Bless #GAB


Eric Erb

The #Gab poll results for #quey are in. Gab stays!

If it does get out of hand the poll may be revoked or we just hold a new poll. For now we'll see how it rolls!

Reminds me to update my README for projects I've created but no longer maintaining.

gauging community health of a project before getting involved


Are Flatpaks and Snaps a regression in security? and other exciting listener debates.

Util-link continued.


Util-link continued, starting with the utilities in /sbin.

Plus some listener feedback about getopt and getopts, bzip2, good bad sound, and more.


Join us in a few minutes for another Snapcraft Live! This week, fun! We'll cover how to snap your #linux games 🕹 and publish them in the Snap Store. We'll also have tips, tricks and answer your questions! Join us! bit.ly/2VjPzsN

I first tried to create a Flatpak for Bisq but failed because I couldn't get Bisq to build without relying on network resources. I needed to map out each dependency from Gradle! Gradle is a Java build tool which downloads dependencies. Snaps did not have this limitation/feature?

BTW, snap can install a `*.snap` file with the `--dangerous` flag.



@klaatu The perfect use case for blockchain is money. This is because money is half of every transaction. For better or worse money is the life blood of modern civilization. Bitcoin breaks the law of oppressive governments and gives the people a way to store value like seen in Venezuela today. Other so called use cases of blockchain are usually scams because they are not trying to break any rules and should be implemented instead with a SQL database.


Bzip2 compression. Controversy over scripts that download and install automatically. A bakery that runs on Emacs and PostgreSQL. @klaatu


"We have enormous freedom. That’s not a gift that was given to us, it’s a legacy that was left to us by centuries of struggle. By centuries of people that most of whose names are completely forgotten, the ones who created the freedom and the rights we now have, and that will be taken away unless you constantly defend them."

- Noam Chomsky

getopt and kill covered by @klaatu

I was amazed the day I realized kill could do more than "kill" a running process.


Heaps of listener feedback about licensing, the difference between a user and a developer, the atool archive tool, old GNU World Order shownotes, the first couple of applications from util-linux


I love how @Tutanota mail defaults to no pictures whether you are on Android or the web app.

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