Snapcraft Live streaming in ~10 minutes on YouTube. Join us to learn to package #Linux applications as snaps. This week we focus on debugging the build process. We'll also answer your questions. Click through to join us live!

You cannot steal a thought. You can only copy a thought. You can fraudulently claim you originally came up with a thought. And you can disrespect the originator of the thoughts by not giving credit and not following the *suggested* terms off sharing the thoughts.

Once an idea is released to the public it can never be taken back.

Yes, capitalism tends towards maximum satsifaction for the customer overall. That says little for specific companies who may specialize for one type of customer or may not be a good business. A price of zero, near zero or barter is fine in capitalism too.


#snapd provided me with pdftk on my Fedora machine. Thanks @popey and team!

This week on GNU World Order: everything you always wanted to know about quota, but were too indifferent to ask: how to enable it on a partition, a work-around for quotacheck failure, and more!

#gnu #linux #podcast

"A Fake Nude of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Debunked By Foot Fetishists"

A real headline

The individual creative talent behind the music showcased is outstanding!

Super Marcato Bros. Video Game Music Podcast: Episode 351: Auteur

I recently started running root ZFS on my Arch Linux laptop and several old laptops which I run Ubuntu 18.04. I like the scrub feature which I automate. I can know pretty quickly when a drive fails to correctly return data.

Thank you for the ZFS coverage @klaatu

GNU World Order Linux Cast: gnuWorldOrder_13x2

@klaatu In free market capitalism every transaction is a win-win! Although our world is far from a free market, many of the principals still apply. Consumers of free closed source OSs are willing to trade their privacy for the features of the OS. Both parties come out with more value in their own subjective valuation! We would disagree but that is our own 3rd party subjective valuation.

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