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I've had 3 or 4 butterfly keyboard MacBooks across various jobs but this new, non-butterfly one is the first one I've ever had a broken key on. How did I manage that?

Holy crap I just heard my M1 laptop's fan for the first time 😱

Of course it was while browsing the internet, sigh.

OH: "They're temporally long range printf statements"

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Anyone know if it's possible to get total number of threads, both running and scheduled, in datadog?

I see number of docker threads, but that doesn't cover everything that is on the host and I _think_ it only covers running threads, not scheduled ones.

Every time I try to use `.reduce` in JavaScript I feel like I just waste 10 minutes and then go back to using a for loop.

Is there a vscode extension that will autocomplete GitHub issue numbers when I start typing `#`?

One unexpected silver lining of not going anywhere over the past two years: I no longer get tired of Christmas music half way through December! I can only listen to it when I want to, rather than in every store for 6 weeks.

Rocking out to the Canadian Brass today.

I'm really proud of this. It's an amazing tool that will help all developers. I look forward to writing JS at work now because of it.

But I'm most proud of how we did it. No crazy hours, nobody working on the weekend. Just slow and steady progress over a year.


I never thought I'd work on a video encoding service, never mind one for replay.io, but here I am.

ffmpeg is amazing

Inaugural replay.io/
changelog! My favorite new feature is being able to quickly see which replays I have commented on, which is a great proxy for which ones are important.


I want less(1) except you can filter what is in the buffer automatically (like `| grep -v foo | less`) and you can save the contents to a gist at any time.

Does something like that exist?

"What's the Turing Award equivalent for miraculously making JS do something it was never designed to do?"

"I believe it's called Gainful Employment"

So what specific paths could we take to accelerate the vaccine rollout? I know everyone wants it done faster but I'm not seeing much in the way of specifics beyond "more money" and "more volunteers". Drive through NFL stadiums won't continue to scale, right? Anyone got a link?

Never would have thought that the #1 feature I'd miss from Go would be Context of all things but ... here we are.

I wrote a blog post about how we use Earthly to build a web-based debugger

tl;dr tl;dr Get most of the benefits of a reproducible build tool, without your team having to learn something new


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