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You make the thing.
I tell people what the thing does and how to do that with the thing.

Also, words are hard.

Do you do or ? The Write the Docs Slack community starts a new book club this next Monday, August 8.

We'll be reading Torrey Podmajersky's _Strategic Writing for UX_.

The book club follows an asynchronous prompt/response/thread style of discussion in the community's "Learn-tech-writing" channel.

Owning/Reading the book are not required to follow or participate in the conversations.

I use Sphinx at my day job as a tech writer. So, I figured it's time to try to get a handle on Python.

Method of the day:

I've never really been a gamer.
What Steam game(s) should I try on my HP Dev One with Pop!_OS?

The Dell Inspiron and work Macbook Pro I have spoiled me with the fingerprint readers for logging in.
I miss having that on the Dev One. Not enough to return it, mind you. But it miss it nonetheless.

Today I learned that there is a CAD program for creating LEGO builds, available on your preferred OS.

Running Linux on modern hardware turns out to be a really pleasant experience.

I've only ever used Linux on older hardware. Looking forward to seeing what it can do with some current specs!

I'm writing this message from the Dev One now.
The unboxing and setup was really smooth!

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HP Dev One is in the house.
Still unboxed, but in the house.

My HP Dev One has shipped.
This is not a drill.
I have a tracking number.

I ordered myself an HP Dev One.
Gonna be a fun week once it gets here!

This week, we begin the serious work on Thunderbird 114. There's a lot to plan, define, and schedule for a year that will bring drastic UI and UX changes.

A lot of the changes may upset some users and amaze others.

Every step of the way, we want to be transparent.

You'll see early mock-ups. You'll hear about plans and proposed solutions throughout the development process.

We'll be writing plenty of documentation and support articles to help users w/ the transition...

I want an HP Dev One, but I also want the battery life of an M1 Macbook.


Switched VS Code to a light theme.

Make my Stash Tea Lemon Ginger with honey.

Sitting on my front porch, heat notwithstanding.

All in all, it's a good work day so far.

Watched Dr. Strange 2 last night.
It wasn't as bad on "horror" side as I had thought from comments. (Though I definitely see what drives those comments.)

I'm sad about the direction Wanda took and have questions about the ending, but otherwise I found it a fine Marvel flick.

@duolingo had me translate this in my Scottish Gaelic lesson tonight:

Cha toil leam uisge beatha.

Which means "I do not like whisky".

I cannot believe that phrase has any real place in Scottish Gaelic.

I started learning Scottish Gaelic on @duolingo on a whim.

A recent lesson covered some food words.

- Uisge: water
- Beatha: life
- Uisge-beatha: whiskey


The world needs more mechanical keyboards that use a split layout.

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