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I may not agree with you when you “:set relativenumber” in your .vimrc, but I will defend to the death your right to do it

For as well financed as he obviously is, you’re telling me that *no one* thought to connect Batman to the reclusive billionaire living on the outskirts of town?

@yisraeldov It wasn’t hard to get up and running at all. I never had an account on, so I can’t compare and contrast user experience. Federation seems to be working fine though.

Matrix instance is up and running. Feel free to ping me

I used to assume that reference counting a la C++ or Rust would be faster than the garbage collection paradigm of pretty much everything else (including Go), but I think that maybe isn't a fair assumption.

Are there any white papers or anything exploring their relative efficiency in terms of time?

@HerraBRE 3yo got a popcorn kernel stuck up there a few weeks back. Kind of scary, but my wife was a heroine and a magician. Saved us a trip to the ER.

@bkool There’s a lot to like about their business model w/r/t groceries and home goods. But clothing poses some really hard problems in terms of sustainability. I’ll have to look into, because if they’ve figured it out they deserve a ton of credit.

My wife is the purest kind of Aldi evangelist. She buys her clothes there now. I’m telling you all because I’m honestly shocked that Aldi even sells clothes.

I’ll have to give them a look next time I’m on the market for a pair of jeans. Or a suit.

I’ve always had big feet, but until today I’ve never had to buy a size 13 before. is live! 🎉
This is an interactive tutorial which will teach you how to use git send-email to contribute to open source projects using git's built-in email tools.

This article is amazing. If there’s one place the security field should have been trying to get things right, this is it. As always, we’ve been looking the other way.

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