@codesections Oh true, yes I do. I should have been clearer about that. Once you spend $25 I get $25 (unclear whether that $25 needs to be after the credit, whether there's a time limit, etc.)

@codesections If you don’t already have an account, let me know and I can get you a code for some free credit

@codesections For what it’s worth, I don’t use anything like Cloudflare, and I haven’t missed it. I can however, recommend DigitalOcean.

@codesections What do you stand to lose from going down for a few hours due to DDoS? Because asking a CDN to continue to cover you in that situation can get pricey from what I understand.

@donavon Do you have a personal domain? Most domain providers offer email as a paid extra.

I find myself often wanting to post about the things that bother me, but less so for the things which delight me. I should try to be more conscious of this, taking time to actually appreciate the good things.

Seems like all of that angst about Brave yesterday was just so much FUD. They’re just trying to not break your interwebz.


@codesections Hover is okay (like the fact that they offer 2FA), but their DNS leaves something to be desired (i.e., no CAA record support)

A lot of backend work getting done on danielmoch.com setting the stage for more integrations

Just got an email from my alma mater inviting me to apply for a scholarship toward a degree program for which they’ve already given me a diploma. 🙄

This is a nice rant about software complexity.


<< Complexity is quickly becoming an epidemic. In this developer’s opinion, complexity is the ultimate enemy - the final boss - of good software design. Complicated software generally has complicated bugs. Simple software generally has simple bugs. It’s as easy as that. >>

IANAL, but I would think most of the people in r/legaladvice aren’t either.

I don’t agree with all of his tool recommendations, but Charles Peters has the right idea here: “Kill Your IDE.”

Disagreeing over tools is a privilege for those who use the terminal.


Host the danielmoch.com SMTP gateway at home, very little spam mail; move the gateway up to Digital Ocean, spam mail skyrockets. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Time to look into SpamAssassin.

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