@djmoch Wife and I share this concern.

We never post pictures, and I never use Daughter's name so the little anecdotes I share won't be Google-able in that way. I also avoid posting her exact birthday.

It's tricky though, I like to share little stories about milestones and funny events. Some of those might embarrass her... so I might need to curtail even that as she grows older.

@djmoch I feel the same way, I also have to regularly remind other family members about my feelings regarding posting pictures of my son online. They don't seem to understand that how he presents himself to the world someday is his choice, not one others should make for him.

@djmoch I have at least one friend who quit Facebook entirely because people would not stop posting photos of her kids.

I try to not show my face so that it won't get back to my kids.

@djmoch in a similar vein, this is why I’m on mastodon as the first 5 letters on a keyboard

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