@djmoch hi! I would very much appreciate to see that face hidden behind a content warning.

@djmoch "hey kids, install our root certificate so we can spy on you" is not a decision someone can possibly make "by accident".

The only possible explanation for how they manage to do bad things so often is that they are trying to do bad things and succeeding.

@djmoch Because people keeps forgetting/forgiving , while people behave like sheep he will continue to abuse them. 1st 10 time s it's FB's fault , after that it's people's fault.

@djmoch Because people are addicted to it and Facebook is TBTFW (too big to fuck with).

Most people dont care and facebook makes money with them. Its kinda hard to tell facebook why they should stop

@djmoch Because for the most part the established economic systems and the culture around them actively reward harmful behavior more often than not.

@djmoch I think you have the wrong end of the stick here. They're trying to make money. They are doing all the right things consistently.

If the apologies make it seem like I'm wrong, it's just because apologies are free and might stop them losing money.

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