Finally trying out qutebrowser. Still not sure how to gauge it's security vs. Firefox with uBlock-origin, uMatrix, SSL Everywhere, etc...

@djmoch Pretty sure it's Chromium under the hood with a ton of stuff just stripped away.

@trevdev Yes, according to the maintainer the Qt rendering image is based on Chromium’s WebKit.

@trevdev Although one of the things that seems to have been stripped away is the plugin infrastructure. So if you mean to suggest that I could use Chromium plugins, it's not clear to me how that's possible.

@djmoch I'm pretty sure it's not. They say you trade convenience for security. The missing plugin integration may be a "good thing", nonetheless I end up using another browser for things like React/Vue for the devtool plugins.

But I do have cool quickmarks and search engine macros for qutebrowser, so there's that :drake_like:

#qutebrowser provides an adblocker and I switched JavaScript off by default

@ilpianista That seems like a good idea. What I’d really like is a way to have a static whitelist of websites where JavaScript is allowed. Is something like that possible?

@ilpianista Never mind. I see now that javascript.enabled accepts a URL pattern, which is all I need to build a whitelist.

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