Alright, so I I buy a Pixel 1, should I load Lineage OS on it? Or is there something else out there I should be looking at. Obviously not going to run Android.

Thanks for the correction, everyone. I know Lineage is still Android. I meant I wasn’t going to run “proper” Android. Poor phrasing on my part.

Still open to other suggestions.

> Lineage OS
> not going to run Android

@djmoch Lineage OS is still android. There might not be a non android alternative for a pixel.

@djmoch I'm using Lineage on my OPO. Have you thought about preordering a Librem 5?

@danyeaw I have, but I don’t have $550. I guess I could wait a few months and do that.

It’s actually a really interesting option.

@danyeaw The one drawback is that I’m not sure how interested I am in being an early adopter.

@djmoch Ya I think it is really exciting, I use a Librem 13 daily and I am really hoping that they can pull off a phone as well

@danyeaw How’s the 13 working out for you? I’m near due for a new laptop and trying to decide between that and a ThinkPad.

@djmoch I really love the screen, keyboard and chassis. It feels really well built. The touchpad, and fan noise at 100% load could be improved. Overall it is a wonderful laptop and I don't feel like I'm making any compromises to get privacy and freedom supporting laptop

@danyeaw Your comment about the fan noise is concerning. Is is the volume average, or louder than average?

@djmoch under normal load it is completely silent. Under heavy load the fan spins up and you can hear it for sure. It is louder than my work Dell. But it doesn't really bother me.

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