Okay, so I really want to run Nextcloud behind a uWSGI vassal (with the half-dozen other webapps on my server), but for some reason when I do I get XHR failures like crazy (see image). Runs fine under php-fpm.

I've been working on this all day without much progress. Any of you fediverse geniuses have any ideas what I should be looking at?

Seems to be related to the authentication (I guess hence the 401 and 403 errors). If I flush the session and browser caches I can’t even log in. I just keep getting returned to the login screen. I guess I need to look into how authentication tokens get passed around.

Still don’t know why I would be getting 412 errors...

Anyway, guess I’ll have to pick this up again tomorrow.

Seems like HTTP queries to / return a 503. I would bet that’s a step closer to a root cause. But I can’t figure out what’s causing that behavior.

Got it working! The issue was that I was re-writing in nginx.conf to make pretty urls (i.e., omitting the index.php) and this was throwing off the PHP interpreter until I set front_controller_active = true in its environment.

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