Let’s crowd-source this. my father-in-law came back from China with this picture of a sign, posted at a men’s room urinal. We feel like 1, 3, and 4 are pretty obvious, but what’s going on in 2?

@djmoch I'm going to guess that picture 2 is someone kicking the urinal. That's the best I can make of it.

@djmoch I've never realized that enough men like doing it doggy style for them to need to put up a warning about it.

@fuzzface That’s number 3. I’m asking about number 2.

And if you make a number 2 joke, so help me ...

@djmoch I uh... think that dude is on all fours lifting one leg like a dog

@Tarale We thought about that, but my father-in-law travels a lot and doesn’t know of any culture where that might happen. I’m more open to this possibility.

@djmoch It has to be something with the door.. maybe dont kick the door with your foot?

@fuzzface Maybe. I mean, it definitely seems like sound advice.

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